Best Sommelier of the World Contest 2023, Paris, France

Best Sommelier of the World Contest has started today. 68 candidates from 65 countries are competing for this prestigious title in the sommelier world. The first day is reserved for the competitors’ qualifications. Knowledge had to be demonstrated through blind wine tasting and a theoretical test, after which the practical part was done.

The ASI commission put four wines in front of the contestants, and they had to determine in six minutes where the wine came from, what variety it was made from, and what vintage it was. In addition, they were required to state which common vinification process was used in making them.

The theoretical test consisted of 100 questions, which covered numerous wine regions of the world. We must point out that Serbia and its Palić vineyards were among these challenging questions for all candidates.

The second part of the competition was a practical task, when these boys and girls took the stage, and it was necessary for them, in addition to their sommelier skills, to show that they could think quickly and practically.

To find out the results of the first part of the contest, we have to wait until tomorrow, February 9, when the semi-finalists of the competition will be officially announced at a special ceremony at the Paris City Hall hotel.

We hope to see our competitor, Vuk Vuletić, also on Friday, February 10, in the semifinals of the Best Sommelier of the World Contest 2023.